We optimize your business
through consulting and software

We create future-proof processes through our experts long-term experience and our high quality standards

We optimize your business
through consulting and software.


We implement supplier and customers connections. This includes following aspects:
  • Coordination of involved parties
  • Specification and development of mappings in varying formats such as:
  • ANSI X12
  • SAP Idoc
  • XML
  • Testing


We advise you in the following and more areas:
  • Effort estimates
  • Specifications
  • Documentation
  • Process conception und analysis
  • Test automation
  • Error analysis and creation of management analyses
  • Technical support of sales staff
  • Lectures & Workshops

Process Optmization

In cooperation with you, we re-engineer and develop future-proof processes by:
  • Evaluation & analysis of your processes
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Process conception, development, optimization and implementation
  • Evaluations


We support you in the optimal use of developed software solutions and take care of support services for you.

At woyb, we work closely with our clients and partners,
to create optimal solutions for all their EDI processes -
resulting in a truly sustainable optimization of business processes.

To do so, we offer
a wide range of services and software products.


SaaS is the abbreviation for „Software as a Service“. With SaaS access to the respective software is provided online so that local setups and maintenances are consequently eliminated. The service provided is not only responsible for the availability of the software, but also for maintaining and administrating it.

Thus the customer purchases the usage of the software and not the software product itself. This results in a higher flexibility as well as cost reductions regarding initial investments and operating costs on the part of the customer.

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